Dina Wood - Energy Intuitive, Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Dina has had a lifelong passion for alternative forms of healing, which keeps her continually fascinated and inspired to be able to work with different forms of energy healing and intuition. Her healing sessions are individually guided to help the body and soul heal, and include Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Light Weaving. She has made it her mission to create a safe space where people feel free to speak their truth and participate in the healing process.  

Dina has a special passion for working with house clearing techniques and brings a lot of detailed attention to each house, including before and after remote healing work . She loves being able to help clean up the energies in a space and believes this is a much overlooked  part of having a healthy home environment.

In her down time, Dina enjoys being around animals, doing yoga, dabbling with her plants, and exploring the many trails near her home in the Snoqualmie Valley.