~ For those who don’t know me and are wanting a better idea of how I work. I’m so grateful for these kind words and hope they’re helpful to others.

I had been waiting to find the right person to help us clear out the house and prepare it, and ourselves, for a new adventure. I am so happy I found Dina! She is so kind! It was easy to schedule. I really appreciated how she explained what she was doing andthat she asked me about my priorities. My house feels fresh and clean! It was surprising to me that I hadn’t thought about what the previous owners had left behind and how I’ve been living with it for 15 years! Now, I feel much more ownership and congruence. Thank you, Dina!
— Jennifer, Newcastle, WA
I love the work that Dina does.

Her office is calm and inviting and it’s easy to tune into Dina’s quiet vibes.

In the middle of a reiki session, it’s amazing to feel the flow of energy. I actually see colors behind my closed eyes and feel the heat from her hands. She soothes my restless spirit and afterward, I am so creative!

Dina has also worked on clearing my house. I still remember the dream I had that night of lying on a wide, deep bed under a shelter while listening to a gentle rain.

I don’t know why it works, but it does, beautifully.
— Julie - Redmond, WA

Dina did a house clearing for me - she was attentive to detail, thorough, and utilizes her incredible capacity to do energy work with the highest integrity.
Being in someone’s home for a clearing is intimate work, Dina makes you feel comfortable and at ease with the entire process. Afterwards my home was clear, calm, and peaceful; I’m thrilled she’s doing this work and helping others.
— Emily, Kirkland

Dina has been my ‘soul sista’ and Reiki Master for many years. She is wildly gifted with energy wisdom and her knowledge and intuition have had a profound influence in my life!
— Donette, New Mexico