Connect With Your Space

It is always my intention to help my clients form a heart centered connection with their home and property. Everybody has the ability to learn to work with intuition and energy and the more you make this part of your regular routine, the stronger your connection to your space will be.


Regularly set intentions for your space – As the occupant, you have the power to create the energetic rulebook for your space. Setting intentions is simple; you can use sage, palo santo, or a simple white candle to create a sense of ceremony to it, but you can also use prayer or even just make a declaration out loud. Some examples: In this space, love and creativity will flow freely, or this space will be a sanctuary for healing, everyone in this space is free to live their truth, or this is a space where joy and laughter abounds. The options are limitless.  Opening windows, diffusing essential oils, and using Tibetan singing bowls are also all wonderful ways to bring in positive intentions to your space.


Connect to the life force around your house– The trees, the plants, and wild creatures that exist on your property all emit a resonance. If you’ll form a relationship with them, they’ll help hold a higher frequency for your home.(Stay away from chemical sprays and pesticides too– these destroy the beneficial fungi and bacteria in the soil, which are home for a multitude of insects and creatures.)


Dedicate a spot for burning and releasing – It’s important to keep the circular flow of energy moving. Just as we discard of physical clutter, it’s important to discard of old energies that no longer serve you. Ideally, you would have a fire pit someplace on your property, but a burn bowl that you have inside would work fine as well. Simply write on a piece of paper what you’re wanting to release and burn it.